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Traditional Chinese medicine is based on very ancient healing methods, which allow you totreat diseases without harming the body. In the human body, according to Chinese thought, in addition to the respiratory, digestive, hormonal, nervous and blood circulatory systems, there is also that of energy circulation. Our vital energy moves in particular channels, calledmeridians, spread like a net throughout the body. On these meridians, linked to our internal organs, there are acupuncture points; according to Chinese medicine, an energy block in these channels causes disease. After having studied an appropriate treatment for each patient,it is possible to unblock the flow of energy, stimulating points on the meridians with acupressure, using needles or heat sticks. The stimuli thus received through the nervous system reach the muscles and subsequently the organs. Furthermore, as we will see later, it is also possible to carry out adequate treatments with dietetics and the use of Chinese herbs.

How the session takes place

1. In-depth analysis To have a successful treatment, all aspects of the patient's physical and mental health are taken into consideration with detailed questions, as well as, of course, his lifestyle habits.


2. The diagnosis Through an accurate diagnosis of the pulse, tongue and ear it is possible to determine the energetic state of our organic system.


3. The treatment Personalized treatment is provided based on the patient's state of health. The physical treatment takes place through different types of stimulation: with acupressure, acupuncture and moxa or massage and colored light, accompanied by relaxing Qi-Gong exercises to accelerate the energy flow and therefore healing. Possible applications through Chinese healing herbs or a dietary plan, based on the 5 elements.

Excellent therapist. Very prepared and helpful. In addition to his professionalism and competence, he is a very affable and patient person. I highly recommend it.

Lorenzo L. Bellinzona, TI 

I'm sorry for my waste. Mit ihr fühlte ich sehr wohl und ich konnte mühelos redeemed. Mit dem Ergebnis bin ich sehr zufrieden.


Regula A. Ascona, TI

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