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DISORDERS THAT CAN BE TREATED Obesity or underweight, Digestive disorders, Stress, Anti-smoking, Insomnia, Chronic back and joint pain, Sports injuries, Migraines, Allergies, Tiredness, Depression, Fertility and menopause disorders.


Small glass suction cups slid over the skin of the back, in the meridian area, represent a particularly vivifying Chinese treatment, which stimulates the forces of one's own healing. By eliminating metabolic waste and poisons, it is easier to also improve circulation into the depths of the tissues.


Moxa therapy, plant leaves are dried and rolled to form cigars. With a pleasant sensation of heat the meridians are filled with vital energy.


In Hot Stone therapies, black stones of volcanic origin are used. The heat emanating from these stones placed on the body and rubbed on the skin has an excellent detoxifying, decontracting, revitalizing and circulatory power.











The healing virtues of colors. Acupuncture points can also be stimulated with colored light. Color puncture is a painless therapy and much loved by children. It was developed in the 1960s by German acupuncturist Peter Mendel. Through colored light it is possible to compensate for the energetic disharmony of our body.


Our vital energy moves in particular channels, called meridians, spread like a network throughout the body. On these meridians, linked to our internal organs, there are acupuncture points.

With a needle or light pressure you can stimulate these points. According to Chinese thought, an energy blockage in these channels causes disease. Disorders that can be treated: stress, acute and chronic pain, digestive problems, obesity and underweight, insomnia, tiredness, fertility and menopause disorders, etc.

The peculiarity of Chinese dietetics is its harmoniousness. A very personalized consultation can be carried out based on the individual picture of the complaints, the diagnosis of the tongue and the pulse.

The dietary recommendations specifically designed for each patient, referring to foods, can be found here, and take into account the stages of life, the type of constitution with its ailments, the seasons and so on, allowing both preventive action to maintain our health, and the increase in well-being. Fields of application: nutrition, based on the principles of Chinese doctrine, has a place both in prevention and in supporting healing processes.








Manual lymphatic drainage is a very delicate massage, which has applications not only in the aesthetic field but also in the treatment of various pathologies.  It acts on: water retention (swelling), poor circulation, cellulite, strengthens natural immune defenses, etc. Bandages soaked in natural dyes and extracts can also be made. 

Gua-Sha Fa this technique is performed with buffalo horns and jade stone and a special oil. The purpose is to oxygenate the meridians, refresh the blood, and eliminate energy blockages and pain.

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