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  • Medical Assistant and with experience with various specialists

  • Study in Complementary Medicine in Zurich

  • Training in classical homeopathy according to Samuel Hahnemann c/o Dr.ssa nat. Karin Lenger

  • In-depth training in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Study and research stay in Asia

  • I study Dietetics according to the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine at the Barbara Temeli school in Zurich

  • Asian University Honor

  • Passing the cantonal exam with declaration from the medical-technical high school

  • Authorization to practice acupuncture issued by the health office

  • Registered as a health practitioner in acupuncture No. 12 since 2007

  • Complementary therapist N° 272 since 2007

  • Cultural trip to China November 2011 in Beijing / Xi`an / Shanghai / Hong Kong

  • Training in Chromotherapy/Chromopuncture with experience in paediatrics

  • Training and authorization in HydroColon Therapy c/o Bern ISCH International School of Hydrocolon 2012 - 2013

  • Training in Humoral MedicineNTE European Traditional Naturopathy 2016 - 2020

  • Training of in-depth study in Iridology 2016 - 2018

  • In-depth training in phytotherapy 2020


Affiliated with all health insurance companies (complementary)

EMR and NVS member


Clinical practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine:


  • 2000 Practices at the naturopathy practice Michael Steger, Riechenau Germany

  • 2000-2002-2005 Sanatorium Dr. Mack, with head doctor Dr. med. Paa and Dr. Gabriele Fiorini, Bad Reichenhall Germany

  • 2006 Kurmittelhaus Der Moderna with Dr. med. N. Netzer and Dr. Gabriele Fiorini, Bad Reichenhall Germany

  • 2009 Orthopedic clinic with Dr. med. H. Rohrer and Dr. Gabriele Fiorini, Bad Aibling Germany Independent with 2 practices for 10 years

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